Vegetarian Appetizers

Chilli Baby Corn
Crispy baby corn tossed in hot chilli sauce with onions and green peppers.
Chilli Paneer
Cheese cubes sauteed with onions, peppers, hot chili and soy sauce.
Cut Mirchi
Chili peppers stuffed with spices, batter and deep fried first time then cut into pieces and fired again crisply.
Onion Pakoda
Sliced onions and greens deep fried in spiced blended batter.
Gobi Manchurian
Cauliflower marinated in corn flour batter spices, deep fried and tossed with spices & sweet soy sauce.
Mushroom Pepper Fry
Fresh cut mushrooms marinated in corn flour, mixed with fresh ground pepper, spices and fried to a mouth-watering delicacy.
Paneer Pakoda
Fresh cottage cheese squares battered in chick pea flour with delicious spice combination and fried until golden brown.
Spinach Pakoda
Fresh spinach fritter deep fried in chickpea batter.
Bhindi Fry
Finely cut okra fried and sauteed with spices and nuts.